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Mary Hanna and Calanta. © Stephen Mowbray

Dear valued reader,

Let’s ride this out together!

That’s our theme in these changing times and I invite you to embrace it with open arms and open eyes and enjoy our first digital edition of Equestrian Life magazine!

We’ve made some bold publishing decisions to adjust to new reading and viewing habits of our audience and to ensure that we continue to bring you the best coverage of equestrian stories in Australia. 

From today:

  • We are publishing monthly online
  • We are readable on your mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Our pages have interactive content for a richer reading experience

The unstoppable Ryan’s Rave identifies a silver lining in the virus cloud – creatively using this time with fewer routine distractions to experiment with new ways to improve your horse’s paces. How about working on the trot and encouraging the horse to put its legs up around its ears! This is truly compelling thinking and I’m itching to try it tomorrow!

The sudden worldwide ban on sporting events, and particularly of horse competitions, has caused us to rethink how best to spend our enforced stay at home time. Relive Mary Hanna’s Australian record-breaking Grand Prix Freestyle performance where she scored 80.145% in March  — our feature and pictures cover this memorable ride, plus we have an extensive interview with Mary.

Also in dressage, Roger Fitzhardinge captures the arrival of young budding NZ Grand Prix star Melissa Galloway, who won everyone’s heart and respect at the recent Dressage by the Sea. The pictures show it all!

Our training articles are especially strong in this issue, be it for those fortunate enough to be able to continue their regular riding or for those like me who pine to be allowed to return to the saddle. Ingrid Klimke is a giant of the sport with six Olympics, endless top event wins and standing in the peerless shoes of her father, Reiner Klimke. Dr Kerry Mack, an experienced Grand Prix rider, trainer and writer, has an intimate one-on-one interview with this legend – a must-read, full of insights to questions we have all wanted to ask. 

Dave and Tallara Cameron’s jumping and teaching expertise gives a refreshingly new take on the importance of flatwork training for jumpers. The keys are balance and rhythm with a steady contact, and always allowing the horse to use his initiative. Read how to use dressage movements such as counter canter, shoulder fore and travers for better results.

I was spellbound by the story and stunning pictures of the pristine wilderness setting for the Gaucho Derby in Patagonia. The challenges of the 500km event is a story in itself and for me the rich history of the Gaucho is the legacy herein. I rode with Gauchos on one of their superb horses about 15 years ago. I treasure memories of our gallops on the pampas through sunshine and snow and the colourful saddle blanket they gave me to remember it. You’ll love every word!

Our Australian equivalent story is about our heritage horse breed – the Brumby. Surely they live in Australia’s best kept secret locations – rainforests, untouched beaches, magical scenery. The much-needed Save the Brumbies campaign is a story of hope and sustainability at several levels, all vital to preserve our national heritage.

There are lots more in these pages, from caring for weanlings and riding geriatric horses, to catching up with show horse legend Terry Cowan, to list three.

We welcome your comments and views on our new digital magazine and I invite you to contact us on 

Take care of yourself, family and friends at this unusual time in our lives.

With very best wishes,

Robert McKay








National equestrian personality, international dressage and eventing rider, Olympian, judge, coach and breeder, Heath is never backward in offering his unique insights into the sport and industry.

Suzy has a rich background in newspaper journalism and radio broadcasting in NSW and nationally, and last year won an international award for equestrian journalism.

As a judge, coach, competitor and commentator, Roger’s passion to tell the real stories behind the horses and horse people shines through in his unique brand of equestrian photojournalism.

An escapist by profession and inclination, Melissa Rimac is a writer and photographer specialising in far-flung travel (especially if snorkelling is involved) and is also be smitten by horses.

Grand Prix dressage rider, coach and Mayfield Farm stud principal, Kerry draws on her learning as a qualified psychiatrist to approach training from the cerebral perspective as well as the physical.

Dr Maxine Brain is an equine vet dedicated to achieving optimal equine health and performance with her team at Kilmore Equine Clinic, which she founded.

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